Modern WHORE-FARE (?)

Sorry for the absence, publishing those Wolf O’Donnell pictures counted as a “third strike” for us. But we got out in time for the gaming release of the year – Sonic Generations! We missed the midnight launch, as being out after 6pm is a breach of parole, but a fascinating mix of nerds, idiots and celebrities being paid to pretend to like it were there in our place.

After a mental drunken bet with his hi-larious friends, Danny Wallace married a soldier then hosted this event, which appears to be Modern Warfare 3, and NOT Sonic Generations. Which explains the interest from the media, celebrities and people in general.

For example, 2007’s breakout artist Katie Melua was in attendance, who looks like she smells fantastic. After your third strike, you go back to zero and have another three strikes to blow, so we’re ok to speculate on how Katie Melua, and at least two other women, might smell.

J/K LOL. In all seriousness, the above is a SATIRICAL threat on a woman's life.

The picture caption is OBVIOUSLY a satire on how people on the internet objectify women. And like any good internet gaming blog/ major news site, and shit ones like Kotaku, now we’ve leered like the level 2 Rattattas we are, we can get on with the requisite hating on Modern Warfare 3, without having played it.

It seems like a misstep to sell military hardware porn to children, and for it to be the biggest entertainment event ever. It’s exactly what I, Robot (the movie) warned us would happen. 9 dead Iraqi civilians out of 10. We went the IGN route and score our games based on civilian casualties, with their 20 point “Collateral Damage” scale.

Mature gaming for mature gamers. More like MANURE gaming for MANURE gamers.

Enjoy the post, wank aficionados. You aren’t reading this because the hi-def ladies/ hi def furry porn is either side of this message, and your monitor is caked in semen.


Star Fox six hundred and forty three, D, the upcoming remake of Star Fox Game Watch, the 1993 time piece/game combination title, found free inside promotional boxes of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes, has been slated for release this coming 9/11, 9th of November.  Controversially, the game has moved platform, and is no longer on the best selling console, “a watch”, and is instead slated for release on the 3DS, which you can now get at the “bargain price” of £129.99, due to FAILURE.

With advanced time relay technology and innovative LCD lights, the success of watches is easy to understand.

The new game sees a radical style change for the series, with the franchise’s earlier staple, the time, being completely removed.

And this is "better", is it?

The game has an array of new features never before found in the Star Fox series, such as Barrel Rolls, inverting the Y axis with one button and spaceships. Why would anyone need to invert the Y- axis at all, never mind frequently enough to warrant its own button on the d-pad?

Also added are side quests which play out like a dating sim with RPG elements and a branching storyline, with eight different endings, most of which involve orgasm.

Screen shots confirm fan favorite Wolf O’Donnell will return in this game.

As you may remember, Wolf was the leader of the rival pilot team, Star Wolf, a band of mercenary pilots hired by Andross to stop Star Fox, before they team up for one final bash.

The above screen shots, one of fox pulling his buttocks apart to expose his anus, and the other, portraying fox as what some may call a “cum-dumpster”, are in no way symbolic of Nintendo’s business stratagem with regards to franchises or longtime fans. Nor do the images represent the company itself, in a sick metaphor for the Virtual Boy-esque tanking of the 3DS and dissapointment over the WiiU being a tablet, and being actually called the WiiU. THAT WOULD BE MORE OF A STRECH THAN FOX’S ANUS.

Peppy and Slippy’s look of despondent shock  is not in the debasing of their ally and friend, but rather that an article about Star Fox managed not to incorporate the phrase “Do a barrel roll!”

Well, almost. It is good to be back and functioning as a gay furry porn blog. Next time: The Biker Mice From Mars go hell for leather!

Chu-shite, chu-shite, chu-shite

Ask anyone who knows anything about games, and they will tell you that the biggest problem in the industry today is the never-ending slew of eccentric Japanese game developers taking massive risks on their mental games where you roll up household items into universe eclipsing balls, or control a man-train of naked, oiled body builders and polar bears as they smash through office buildings, trying to tackle an American footballer.

Everything that is wrong with games.

The best console ever, the Playstation 2, was sadly tarnished and burdened with these types of games, but luckily you couldn’t find them anywhere, because Fifa and whatever that weeks really awesome first person shooter was covered the shelf space. The worst console ever, the Dreamcast, was covered in them, and thankfully killed off by the PS2. HEADSHOT!

A gay game that Dreamcast owners love.

Knowing that their relationship with the Dreamcast was a dead weight guaranteed to drown them, the developers of L.O.L: Lack of Love, (which involves enough evolving robots that urinate to warrant its own article) entered into an exciting marriage with Sony, becoming pregnant with strange ideas and confusion over cryptic PS2 coding circa 2001.

The Nintendo Polystation had ground breaking Digital Stereo, but was notoriously hard to pr-wait a minute...

The team at Punchline produced Chulip, after director Yoshirou Kimura was inspired by the public displays of affection he witnessed in the west, a phenomenon unseen in Japan, and also wanted to make a game that dealt with social issues, such as poverty and truancy. In the end, they developed Chulip, a game which plays similarly to Harvest Moon or Animal Crossing. You assume the role of a young man who has moved into Long Life Town with his father.

It seems expensive, but by today's exchange rate it costs 1000 bells.

With Dad still paying Mom and his second ex wife a hefty alimony, money for food is tight, to the point where you will have to indulge in a spot of what is colloquially known as “midgey raking”.

Who throws their shit in a bin? Unbagged too. Unbagged feces in a bin. Phone the council, get the man.

You see, the object of the game is to strengthen your weak heart, not through exercise or medicine, but through kissing as many of the townsfolk of Long Life Town as possible, in the hopes that your heart will then be strong enough to write an adequate love letter to scarlet woman Hussy.

In our experience (none), women called Hussy, Tramp, Slapper or Hoe are bad news.

We don’t know why though, Hussy is a bit of a bitch.

I know where you live.

We give the game credit for it’s realism though, as Hussy says exactly what every other woman we have ever loved without speaking to first (all of them) tells us.

No! It's the trouser material, it just LOOKS like it's that!

So the bulk of the gameplay revolves around finding the townspeople you have to kiss, and then figuring out what conditions you have to fulfill in order to kiss them. Sometimes it’s as simple as sneaking up on an unsuspecting bin dwellling grump…

Olly the Grump is legally distinct

…then kissing them in space….

Olly, no!

Which will give you the money to make rent.

Just until we finish college, honest.

The “bag with non denominational money symbol” is a nice change from the way we are usually payed, balled up singles inside a used condom.

And sometimes you have to move a boulder off some train tracks before a knock off of a beloved childhood favorite will give up the sugar.

I Like you, you are fond of me (8)

What better way to impress Hussy by kissing old men in front of her?


This works in real life too.

Disney's The Rocketeer.

The game has an internal clock, so you have to catch people at certain times of day, as well as sleep at night and pay your extortionate rent monthly.

We don't have that kind of open relationship with Dad. When he asks us how we are, we ALWAYS say fine, even though sometimes we aren't. 😦

Why did we kiss in front of that news team!?

Ironically, for a game based on an idea taken entirely from the western idea of public displays of affection, the game never made it to these shores until 2007, five years after the initial Japanese release. It doesn’t hold up to the vast improvements that came afterwards in the kissing-adventure genre, especially the pinnacle of Hugglecaust 3: Return to Auskisstz, but as a history lesson, the charming, muppet “inspired” characters and excellent music, sometimes upbeat and catchy, sometimes genuinely haunting, are better than being shown the motion picture Braveheart and being told to take it as fact.


An update? That actually justifies use of the ‘3DS’ tag?

The Sun newspaper have undertaken a scientific experiment, probing the safety of the 3DS.

The opening scene of an innumerable amount of German “mature domination” pornography. The dialogue is the usual European raunch:

Jorgen: It’s my testicles, doctor, I found a lump on them.
Doctor: Well, that could be very serious. Pop your trousers and pants off and let’s take a look.
Jorgen: What do you think doctor?
Doctor: Yes, your testicles ARE very swollen. When was the last time you emptied them?
Jorgen: Oh heavens! Doctor Cooper, I…
Doctor: My prescription is SUCK MUMMY’S FINGER!
Jorgen: MMM…
Doctor: Make it wet, next it’s going UP YOUR DICK!

Sometimes we feel we go too far.

We assume there was a scene where they moved out to the car, and the cross eyes indicate Dr Cooper is below frame receiving the vinegar shot. Maybe they were just in the car, with no continuity, doing a different position all of a sudden. Porns do that sometimes, presumably when they get kicked out of a location before having filmed the cum-shot.

Just one more image left, you can do it!

“Seriously though Jorgen,” the doctor said softly, tugging the last globules of semen from the man’s phallus, letting the droplets fall, like snowflakes onto her ample bosom, “this could be testicular microlithiasis. Come back on Monday for a test.”

Also, is he playing it whilst walking down the street?

Here’s a link to their factually questionable article, which by acknowledging, frees us from facing any potential litigious action. Hopefully.


Didactic moralizing. That’s how we’ll get popular!

Didactic moralizing and “memes” that were never very popular in the first place. That’s how we’ll get popular.

Saints Row: The Third is a sick computerized rape simulation that teaches your children to have sex with gimp prostitutes, then beat them to death with disgustingly oversized male genitals (penis and testicles), and KILLING THEM to get your money back in order to score “bonus points”.

The twisted rape simulation also shows a man-whore who is being kept alive and is forced to masturbate over the carnage, while images of naked children intermittently flash on screen.

The Japanese game has been announced after the disaster ravaged country sent toxic nuclear gas through the cracks of BROKEN BRITAIN. Only our MPs can stop this paedo filth from doing the same.