Rim the Sky

We couldn’t garner the enthusiasm to leave the house at midnight if it was on fire. And thanks to a hefty collection of shoddily made Gouranga themed candles we got strong armed into buying by aggressively pushy monks with a meditation spa to fund, it constantly is.

You people though. You bloody people. These scenes come from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim midnight launch, where a woman was paid to stand near some husky children and feign enthusiasm for Call of Duty with swords. She has three kids and is being made to walk the streets at midnight because you had to have your dungeons and dragons NOW. That sword got stolen on one of the two night buses she had to take home, and came out of her salary. Look at yourself.

That’s right, he’s holding a fold up chair, he waited long enough to necessitate a fold up chair. And he’s wearing a fedora. Just like the cartoon character on his bag. Posting furry porn is preferable to having to look at games in 2011. But hey! it’s all in good fun!

It wouldn’t be right to mock teenagers unsure of their identities and finding escape in fiction.

But these people are easily the wrong side of 30.


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I needed that loan, you lunatic!

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