DC Universe ™ Online for the Sony ® PlayStation 3 ™ home console computer system – DAY ONE

DC Universe  Online for the Sony ® PlayStation 3 home console computer system is an MMORPG that released last year to high prices and consumer indifference. You can imagine the delight of the people responsible for those trademark symbols as they prepped to release a product that appealed to nerds who like World of Warcraft ® and people who like Superman ® ™. Predictably, this did not double their market, as those two classes of spastic nerds are in fact just the one person, thereby halving their sales, if our mathS is/are correct.

Nobody bought it, despite not even having to leave their house. Now DC Universe  Online for the Sony ® PlayStation 3 ™ home console computer system has failed to meet its targets, and has gone free to play, which delighted us, as we’re nothing if not poor. Besides registered sex offenders. We often feign diabetes at lunch time so people will buy us Mars Bars ™, that’s how poor we’re talking. And it works too! Alright, once. Then they asked for the money every day until we stopped going to work, so they would stop asking us for the money.

The point is, we will be undertaking a review of DC Universe  Online for the Sony ® PlayStation 3 ™ home console computer system for free, making a morbidly obese character with fart powers, and farting on people who payed for the £200 lifetime subscription. Farter_Sniffmaass, Gaseous-Gay and FlatulentBrown are all possible names. Comment with YOUR suggestions!

We’ll keep you posted.

About Maximum Quince

I needed that loan, you lunatic!

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